My long-term research goal is to address a computational question: How can we build general problem-solving machines with human-like efficiency and adaptability? In particular, my research interests focus on the development of efficient learning algorithms for deep neural networks. I am also broadly interested in reinforcement learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

For future students: I am starting the Assistant Professor position at the Department of Computer Science in mid 2018. Please apply through the department admission.

Short bio: I'm completing my PhD under the supervision of Geoffrey Hinton. Both my master (2014) and undergrad degrees (2011) are from the University of Toronto under Brendan Frey and Ruslan Salakhutdinov. I was a recipient of Facebook Graduate Fellowship 2016 in machine learning.

--Google scholar page contact me: jba at

Current postdocs

Bradly C. Stadie

Current students

Harris Chan (joint with Sanja Fidler)

Danijar Hafner

Jenny Liu

Silviu Pitis

Tingwu Wang (joint with Sanja Fidler)

Yeming Wen

Denny Wu (joint with Marzyeh Ghassemi)

Michael Zhang


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